The Wolfgang fundraiser opens up many opportunities for our students. Thanks to the funds raised we were able to purchase interactive whiteboards and document cameras for our classrooms. We’ve used fundraiser money to update our playground equipment. We also created a learning garden that the students, teachers, parents, and staff really enjoy. Wolfgang made our school both fun and educational. Thank you so much!

Ashley Myers, York Haven PTO

Thanks to the successful sales from our Wolfgang Candy Fundraisers, our school has been able to raise the monies needed for our students to have yearly Field Trips, Holiday Parties, Book Fairs, and many other events! Because of this success, we continue to use this fundraiser year after year!

Audra M.

Money receieved from Wolfgang fundraisers has helped to pay for field trips, book vouchers for all of the students to purchase books at the school’s book fairs, prizes/treats for bike rodeo and fun day. This has been and continues to be a successful fundraiser for our school!

Deb F. West Snyder Elementary School

The elementary school sells Wolfgang candy for fall and spring fundraisers, raising $10,000 each year! That money pays for most of the events held at the elementary school during the academic year.

Ashley Myers, York Haven PTO